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Teaching High School Mathematics


In calculus last year after the AP test we had some time and I like to let the students work on some math that’s not related to Calculus directly. Two girls in my class decided to work with bubbles to investigate minimal surfaces. Their project was probably one of the worst because they didn’t really know much about minimal surfaces. I feel like I should apologize to them, because although I got them a book about bubbles and minimal surfaces, I didn’t tell them adequately enough what I expected them to know when they finished. But I did get some cool shots of their bubbles. Here are two of them.


The frames are made from Zometool which is really cool and fun to play with, but a bit pricey.



One comment on “Bubbles

  1. crazedmummy
    August 28, 2012

    Oh, good, I have these fancy building toys, because I like kids to be able to do hands-on work, and now I have an additional application. Thanks!

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