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Teaching High School Mathematics

Factoring with Dice part 0.5

This is an extension backwards of my, Guess my Dice game for factoring quadratics into multiplying and factoring numbers. I can’t imagine that no one has ever done this before, but here goes anyway.


— by the way, the dice to play Levels 1-4 don’t exist… Yet. I searched online and can’t find any dice with 2,3,5,7,11, and 13 on the sides. Guess I’ll have to make my own?? Maybe some with just 2,3, and 5 twice too. We’ll call these “prime” dice.

Level 1 – roll 2 “prime” dice. Have the students come up with the product. (dice under the Elmo or something.)

Level 2 – roll 2 “prime” dice and tell them the product. Have students guess the dice.
Level 2.5 – have students write out a list of all the possibilities for each roll.

Level 3 – roll many “prime” dice(starting with 3 and increasing) and have the students multiply them.

Level 4 – roll many “prime” dice(starting with 3 and increasing) and have the students guess the dice. Tell them how many dice and the product. (show them… no ones on dice)
Level 4.5 – roll many “prime” dice(starting with 3 and increasing) and have the students guess the dice. Tell them the product but don’t tell them how many dice.

Level 5 – start at Level 1 with regular dice. (this could be harder, especially for 3 or more dice,
because sometimes there will be correct sets of numbers that are not your dice.)

Optional – for each level have students work in groups with one student as the dice roller.
Optional – ask students to figure out what numbers you can get by multiplying these dice?
Optional – consider getting different colored dice and making some negative and rolling different combinations or pos. and neg. dice.

— divisibility test tie-in possibility.
— probability tie-in anywhere.

I Considered allowing a 1 on the dice so that the prime numbers could also be answers. Also it would mask how many dice were thrown because you don’t know how many ones there are. Decided against it because you can more easily allow for throwing one die and just not telling them how many dice.

I have some ideas for an adding and subtracting Guess my dice game. I think I’ll create those next…

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