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Foldable Parents

Some people would like to be able to fold up their parents and bring the with them wherever they go. Other’s would like to fold them up, put them in an envelope and send them far far away. This post is not about folding up your parents, it’s about using foldables to create a page of notes on parent functions.
One of the teachers in our Math department came to me last week asking about making a foldable. He showed me the idea he had which was to put a smattering of parent functions names on the front and their equations and graphs on the inside. I opened a file I had for a four section foldable and added graphs to the middle and printed it off. After he made the example version he came back into my class to show it off. He proceeded to tell my class how lucky they were to have me as their teacher and they didn’t even realize it. It was pretty funny. Then I went over to his class today and got to see the end results with his students. He asked them, “how many of you have taken this back out and looked at it since we made it?” A majority of them raised their hands and he had them pull them out as a reference for that lesson. I asked a girl in the back if I could shoot a picture of her’s and she said yes! Here it is.




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