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Teaching High School Mathematics

What’s New?

Well, I’ve been teaching since 1999 and there is always something new going on. As technology changes so must education. 5 years ago we put up posters that said no cell phones and students were technically suppose to be in trouble if they were using them even on a trip to the bathroom if it was during classtime. I was in a meeting today and my superintendent said that we are going to encourage students to bring their own devices to use in class. Wow, that’s a big change. The new challenge will be to help students to use them only when appropriate. As a math teacher I may have a heads up on this since we’ve been dealing with this in the form of a calculator with games on them for awhile. However, a smart phone is a little more enticing. I’m thinking about blogging again, but I’m not sure that I can keep it up. I start strong and then get bogged down with everything when school starts up. Time will tell. 🙂Image


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