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Genius Mistake


So apparently a mistake by a genius makes them even more of a genius. I’ll definitely be using this quote in class the next time I make a mistake.
This Scientific American arcticle is an interesting article about one of Davinci’s drawings.


Davinci drew this star strapped rhombioctahedron which is very cool, however he drew some square pyramids where some triangular pyramids should be and vise-versa. I was inspired to create the same figure with paper and looked online for a net to cut out. I couldn’t find one, so I found a net for a square pyramid and made some adjustments. Then I printed out the pieces and got to work.


I tried to attach all the parts first, but it was quite difficult to picture and things started to overlap. So, I just built most of the solid one pyramid at a time. The finished product moves around a bit. If I created this again I would make a rhombioctahedron first and then add the pyramids.


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