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Teaching High School Mathematics

$50 and worth every penny.

I’ve had an iPad for years and have used it for making videos on educreations and a few other things. I’ve thought about using it as a remote interactive whiteboard but schrugged it off because of the setup, I guess.

I was at University of Washington at Math Day with my students and a professor of Calculus and I were talking shop when he showed me his iPad with goodnotes and his lightning to vga cord. His notes looked great and he showed me how he was able to zoom in to do his notes while what was displayed stayed the same size for the students. That was what got me. That was Monday. Tuesday evening I headed out to Fred Meyers and happily shelled out $50 for my lightning to vga cord. My only hesitation was that I may be getting a new projector that has HDMI and I believe that cord would pass sound too and a better image.

Anyway… I used it in class for notes on Wednesday and both my students and I loved  it. They loved the color changes and highlighter feature. I kept saying,”and now press the highlight button on your pencil…” As I switched to the highlighter. I thought I was pretty funny and some kids did laugh the first time.

Look at this tiny little cord for $50.

Here’s a look at how good your writing can look if you’re using the zoom in feature to write in the goodnotes app. It’s pretty easy to export a page of notes if you want to post them online, or email them to an absent student.

My other thought is to setup Apple TV so that I can do the same thing while roaming the room. I’ve used Apple TV before with keynote. It’s a little touchy and I’m not sure all apps work through it. I’m really happy right now with how this setup is working.

Update: Before school started this year I bought an Apple TV and now I’m untethered, free to roam around the room as I see fit. I love it. However, it’s hard to write without a table underneath so I still often find myself in the same spot. But it’s freeing to know I can move around if I want and I sometimes do.


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