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WODB – Which one Doesn’t Belong? With a Couple Twists.


I found the idea of WODB on a few posts a year or two ago. A couple of links I remember are Math=Love and WODB site.

The idea is that there are 4 pictures and you have to find which one doesn’t belong.
However, each picture has its own unique reason that it doesn’t belong.
So, really your job is to find out why each picture doesn’t belong.

I’ve been meaning to post this activity, so here it is:

I thought it would be fun to try WODB with my class and graphs of derivatives. It wasn’t working out the way I wanted so I made some adjustments…

  1. The graphs I included in the WODB set of four are all derivatives, f'(x).
  2. The goal is to find which f(x) doesn’t belong by looking at the 4 derivatives.
  3. I was enjoying the challenge of creating a set of 4 derivatives that would have answers, so I decided to let them give it a try as well by adding a blank WODB.
  4. I added a step in between where there are three graphs so far and they only have to add one more to complete the WODB. I think this change is my favorite part.
  5. These challenges were pretty difficult without an organized list of information about the functions, so I created a table they could fill out to help them come to their conclusions.
  6. I used Desmos and the collage feature of pixlr express to create each image.

Here is the activity if you’d like it: wodbderivatives


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