To Accumulate a Rate — Integrate!

Teaching High School Mathematics

Using Student Created Problems in Calculus.

Last week I used Desmos Activity Builder for a lesson on choosing which function out of a set of three graphs were the position, velocity, and acceleration.

Here it is: Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Graph Puzzles

At the end of the Activity Builder there is a spot for students to create their own puzzles. After 3 classes creating their own I collected my favorites and used them in class a few days latter for the first half of class. I put each one up one at a time and had students in pairs discuss which graph was Position, which was Velocity and which was Acceleration. Then I picked a different student to explain how they solved each graph. It was a great time. Here are the graphs my students created:

If you click on one of them, you can slideshow through them in your class. Or better yet, have your class do the activity and create their own.





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