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Student Projects – Volumes of Revolution

In Calculus we just finished a project on volumes or revolution using disks and washers. I used a couple days or parts of days in class. I think it was worth the time in improved understanding.

Here is the assignment:

Volumes of Revolution Project

Doing this project helped me to see where students were still struggling to find the radius. Students had a hard time finding the radius when the region was between two curves and revolved around a line other than the x or y-axis. Doing this project gave them another reason to ask and help other classmates to find these expressions. Here are my class projects:


They used pancakes, cardboard, paper, foam, foam core, clay, cake, felt and pancakes. One group made a donut shape and passed out donuts in class to compliment their design.

One group even decked theirs out into a spaceship diorama with lights for stars.

Here are a few of my favorites.


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