To Accumulate a Rate — Integrate!

Teaching High School Mathematics

When Students don’t understand Easy concepts.

If I’m honest, one of the most difficult parts of teaching is having patience when students struggle on an easy concept. After 3 attempts to impart understanding using different perspectives on the problem I sometimes wonder if they will ever understand. Part of that comes from teaching for so many years that every topic has become easy.

When this happens… It helps me best when I can understand that struggle. So… I pick up a challenging math book for me and start to work through it. There is always something that I don’t quite understand. Right now I’m reading both a Number Theory and Graph theory book. I’m stumped on a proof right now and although it sounds crazy, it feels good to be stuck. I enjoy personally being reminded of the struggle involved in a math problem. Additionally, if I solve it, I know I did something hard and learned something. I also enjoy solving puzzles which can have the same effect.


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