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Teaching High School Mathematics


Posts about teaching Algebra concepts.

Solving Systems of Linear Equations

What’s your System?
Fun activity to get students thinking about why a system has a solution graphically.

Systems of 3 equations with 3 unknowns
Standard lesson on solving a system of 3 equations with 3 variables.

6 Equations, 6 Unknowns, Guess and Check?
Phew! That was crazy.

Graphing Linear Equations

Linear Graphing Auction
Fun auction game to get students graphing lines.

Linear Graphing (Hit a Point) Challenge
I did this in class the week following the Graphing Auction. They didn’t like it as much as the auction, but it was still fun. Practice writing equations of lines.

Least Number of Linear Equations
Fun activity with practice of writing equations of lines and a little problem solving.


Factoring with Dice
Fun factoring pre-activity to get students ready to factor quadratic trinomials. It works every time and they love it.

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