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Teaching High School Mathematics


Here are my posts about teaching Calculus concepts.


screenshot-2016-10-29-at-3-57-15-pm Derivative Sketching

screenshot-2016-10-29-at-10-43-14-am Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Graph Puzzles
This activity asks students to sort out 3 graphs all on the same coordinate plane. They are the position, velocity and acceleration graphs.

pvas16Using Student Created Problems in Calculus.
This activity is a follow up to “Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Graph Puzzles,” using student created puzzles.

wodb-8WODB – Which one Doesn’t Belong? With a Couple Twists.
This activity works on what a derivative tells you about the original function.

tabularReasoning with Tabular Data in your Dreams
I wish that I would have included more in this post about why I though the assignment was so great. I’m not really that impressed with myself on second reflection.

20120928-221840.jpgQuadratic slopes without a derivative
My musings about how to find the slope of a quadratic without derivatives.

Euler’s Method:

IMG_0491Rumor has it…
I planted a rumor about myself to set up this lesson… It was totally worth it. If you copy this, be careful what rumor you start. Students will be asking you about it for years. Trust me.



WontonsMy students made the quiz!
Rates problems are not well covered in my book. I made some of my own and then have students make their own as well. I use the best student problems on the quiz.

MRAMAreas Under the Curve and Desmos
I created a Desmos document that allows students to explore the area under a curve with rectangles.

curvesBetween the curves with Desmos
I created a Desmos document that allows students to explore the area between two curves, also with rectangles. I included a with respect to y graph here too.

20120923-115905.jpgFinding your distance traveled with speeds
This is a project I’ve done for years with my class using Riemann Sums. They always love it!


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