To Accumulate a Rate — Integrate!

Teaching High School Mathematics

Using Student Created Problems in Calculus.

Last week I used Desmos Activity Builder for a lesson on choosing which function out of a set of three graphs were the position, velocity, and acceleration. Here it is: Position, … Continue reading

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Area of a Frame?

A guy that teaches math a couple doors down from me sent me a picture tonight of his son’s math problem from a test or quiz. Here it is: Then … Continue reading

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Derivative Sketching

It’s a little cumbersome to sketch a derivative on your computer, but I love having my students practice sketching derivatives with the app at It’s so great that it tells … Continue reading

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Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Graph Puzzles

I just really like puzzles… Whenever I get a problem I don’t know how to solve, I think of it as a puzzle. I feel like when most students get … Continue reading

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Linear Graphing Auction

I’ve created a linear graphing activity that was super fun. The kids enjoyed it and I had a great time too. Here is the pdf of the worksheet: graphingauction I just did … Continue reading

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WODB – Which one Doesn’t Belong? With a Couple Twists.

Fun Challenging assignment in Calculus that focuses on what a derivative tells you about a function.

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My students made the quiz!

In Calculus we are currently doing rates problems. If you are familiar with AP Calculus, then you should be pretty intimate with the famous Amusement Park problem and all of … Continue reading

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