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Teaching High School Mathematics

Barbie Bungee

Here is a video of one student’s Barbie Bungee success. Successful Jump Are we doing math or playing with Barbies? The world will never know. I found Barbie Bungee on a … Continue reading

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Starting with a blank slate – Least Number of Linear Equations Planning

I like creating unique activities for my math class, especially if there is a challenge or competition aspect to it. Here is my latest Activity: Least Number of Linear Equations … Continue reading

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Least Number of Linear Equations

I just created another linear Graphing activity to hopefully make graphing linear equations fun as we practice this over and over. Today we did Barbie Bungee and it was great. … Continue reading

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Linear Graphing (Hit a Point) Challenge

I just created another linear graphing class activity in the same vein as the Linear Graphing Auction activity I did last week which the students loved. Here is the worksheet: graphingchallenge – My … Continue reading

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Using Student Created Problems in Calculus.

Last week I used Desmos Activity Builder for a lesson on choosing which function out of a set of three graphs were the position, velocity, and acceleration. Here it is: Position, … Continue reading

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Area of a Frame?

A guy that teaches math a couple doors down from me sent me a picture tonight of his son’s math problem from a test or quiz. Here it is: Then … Continue reading

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Derivative Sketching

It’s a little cumbersome to sketch a derivative on your computer, but I love having my students practice sketching derivatives with the app at It’s so great that it tells … Continue reading

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