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NBPTS – Visual Score Calculator

This Desmos graph is designed to help you visualize your National Board Certification in Teaching scores.

May 30, 2017 · Leave a comment

I’m 1/6th Irish

If Toby’s 4 grandparents are Irish, Irish, African, and Japanese Toby would be 1/2 Irish, 1/4 African, and 1/4 Japanese. On my 12 question semester final for my class called … Continue reading

January 29, 2016 · Leave a comment

Magically Delicious

  I think this is the first time my first grader has ever had Lucky Charms. He got himself a bowl and was eating at the table. I left the … Continue reading

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Rumor has it…

I taught a lesson today on Euler’s Method using a differential equation that models the rate that a rumor is spread. The lesson went great, but the real kicker was … Continue reading

March 13, 2015 · 5 Comments

Absolute Value Inequalities – A foldable

This is the third time that I’ve done a foldable this year and I can’t believe how much I like them. 100% of my students do it and so they … Continue reading

September 22, 2012 · 1 Comment

First assessment with SBG

I gave my first SBG assessment yesterday, and I felt pretty good about it. It took a little bit to grade, but not much more than normal. Things I love … Continue reading

September 21, 2012 · 5 Comments

Factoring with Dice part 0.5

This is an extension backwards of my, Guess my Dice game for factoring quadratics into multiplying and factoring numbers. I can’t imagine that no one has ever done this before, … Continue reading

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Math Posters

This is not a post about all the math teachers posting about math. This is about making math posters to hang in my class. I’ve been seeing some math posters … Continue reading

August 30, 2012 · 3 Comments


In calculus last year after the AP test we had some time and I like to let the students work on some math that’s not related to Calculus directly. Two … Continue reading

August 28, 2012 · 1 Comment