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Linear Graphing (Hit a Point) Challenge

I just created another linear graphing class activity in the same vein as the Linear Graphing Auction activity I did last week which the students loved.

Here is the worksheet: graphingchallenge – My Challenge to you: Can you score over 100?

Here is the Desmos Activity: Hit a Point

I did this activity in class today and it went pretty well. I have this class for 2 periods in a row and I switched it up a but for the second class.

For the second class I didn’t have them get out their computers until we all had chosen our 5 equations. Then we used the desmos activity to check our equations and make some estimations. I tried to use the worksheet and desmos simultaneously in my first class and there was too much going on. Introducing the desmos computer portion after we did the worksheet activity in my second class was a huge improvement.

At the end of the lesson in both classes, the highest score anyone got was 100 points. So, I challenged them for extra credit to get over 100 points.

I thought that this activity was fun and the students were engaged. They did not enjoy it as much as the graphing auction but that was awesome and exciting.


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